At the moment here is a brief description of our current layouts, check back later for more information.
Heworth Sidings


UK modern image layout with DCC control.

A blog of the layout being built can be found here at RMweb

Guys Cuttings


'Guy's Cuttings' was built as a scenic roundy roundy group layout which could be set up easily at group meetings, and also be taken to exhibitions. It is 17' x 4', with a 4-track mainline running through wooded scenery. 

Edison Court


Edison Court is a 12' x 2' layout depicting the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee in 1961.

Heworth sidings
Guys cuttings
Guys Cuttings
Edison Court N scale layout
Freemo N


DCC freemo modules, mainly US outline, modules are built to our specification which mean they are able to connect to other UK freemo groups. Modules are either Club or member owned.